Greg Smith – Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story

Greg Smith – Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story

Score: 4/10

Date: March 14th 2011

Place: Evil HQ of GS somewhere in Nevada desert, approx. 150 feet under the ground level (we all know GS has to have that…)

Lowest rank allowed to these meetings, by the watercooler: “So I read this book during a weekend…”

Evil music DJ stops the evil music. All the attention on the lowest rank allowed to these meetings (still standing by the watercooler). 

Higher rank: “What did you say?”

Lowest rank: “I was…”

Higher rank, now squeezing the opportunity of climbing a little higher by grilling the very soul of this poor romantic bookreader: “So you spent some time not making money for us?”

Lowest rank cornered, proving old GS adage “people work magic when under stress, sure they live shorter, but they work MAGIC!”: “I was actually making money…””

GS higher rank (clearly confused by this turn of events, pausing in filling out an application for a Ferrari): “How in the world were you making money for GS..

(Everybody echoing “Making money for GS”)

… by reading?”

Lowest rank: “It was this Liars Poker…”

GS higher rank: “Oh shut up! You were just wasting our ti..”

GS even higher rank: “No! You shut up! I like both poker and you know I like lying, go on…”

Lowest rank (starting to fill out the application for a Ferrari. Only mentally, he is, I’m sure you remember, by the watercooler still): “…by Michael Lewis, I know we hate him here” adds seeing faces of even higher ranks getting red “…but please let me finish. It’s about him leaving the company because of their low moral standards.”

(Everybody laughing good heartily.)

“It sold a ton of copies. It has occurred to me…Everybody hates us. Why don’t we take this golden opportunity to have someone write the same thing about us. We publish it and Ka Ching!”

One of the highest ranks: “I think we know who would that SOMEONE be Greg Smith.”

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Skills : 4/10, Books

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