Tom Fox – Dominus

Tom Fox – Dominus

Score: 2/10

I want to tell you a story. That is why we just HAVE to go through this.

So, after approximately a million years, we (me and my wife) go for a drink (a beer really, but I don’t want to spoil the fancy atmosphere I was able to build as yet) and we have amazing time. We talk our dreams and what we would be really doing if we had that magic stick, we (most of us) have so hard times to realize we actually do have.

And as we walk home (not really too, as we go to my parents in law to take back what it’s ours (our kid)) we see this tiny little street food stand and my wife goes: “remember those soya something something on something with something (I’m not quoting her here) I prepared the other day? I could open a stand like this and sell them there.”

And I can smell a chance where there is one and I know you know this was a massive one. But I didn’t want to be harsh, at least not in that anticipated direct way, so I’ve decided to take the longer, but more rewarding, way for once. So I went: “You know, I’ve just realized that I have never given any book anything below 4. It makes my judgement unbelievable and quite frankly, I don’t even need to have such a broad scale, if I’m using only 60 percent of it”

My lovely and naive wife: “Yeah, you should…”

Me, seeing my prey being trapped: “Maybe if I would be reviewing food stands…”

I know. But it was just a sheer fun. I actually enjoy my wife’s cooking. But that is not even half of the reasons you have your eyebrow just a bit below your hairline now. I know, it has nothing to do with this book, but it’s still all you need to know before you read this book (should you ever endeavor to).

And of course I’m being too harsh, because although this reading is a light light one, it certainly is a pleasant and even addictive one. I just couldn’t think of any book my story would be better fit to. I guess my biggest problem with the book really was that, as opposed to what the real deal in this category of books (Dan Brown) does, it was a pure fiction set in an very real environment and I found that somehow useless to read.

Favorite line:

“The answers we seek … sometimes have less to do with what we know than what we believe.”  (The only one I was able to find on goodreads.com. Yes, I’ve read it 3 years ago. And yes, I’m that lazy…)

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