Sun Tzu – The Art of War

Sun Tzu – The Art of War

Score: 4/10

Well, speaking of the short ones…(This might have been misread as a horribly politically incorrect joke, but I mean books!) This really is a matter of a bus drive home and I wouldn’t want to allocate more time to it either.

It might be the case though, that it’s just me not being focused on a war and maybe that could even be my problem (by know you have to be positive I have one (or two…)). This book certainly thinks so and it provides you with tens of examples how me being prepared for a war could help me to avoid one. Sounds familiar? Damn right it does, this book has to be among the most quoted ones in the history (second to religious books only) and that makes it special. Again, we are talking less than 80 pages! “Condensed wisdom” should have been my only words in this review, but I haven’t enjoyed its reading, so I’m not going to honor it like that.

And the quote which sounded so familiar it’s not from this book either. It’s just an old Latin adage (“Si vis pacem, para bellum”), which doesn’t make this, already bleak, situation for Sun Tzu any better. (Nor any sense, if you ask me.)

Also, I’ve missed the story. Unfair, I’ll give you that, as there was no reason to expect one, but still…

If you want to become Fortune’s 500, read it. They all did!

P.S.1: Interestingly enough, I’ve pulled off the same rating as Goodreads does. (Different scale though.)

P.S.2: It’s just me being a grumpy old man. This book was written in 5th century BC and it’s still a best-seller!!! Give it a break Mirko for goodness sake!

Favourite line: “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

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