Paulo Coelho – The Witch of Portobello

Paulo Coelho – The Witch of Portobello

Score: 7/10

Well, obviously! Having old phone makes you read more, as you don’t spend your evenings watching Youtube videos of Best Forgotten NBA plays episode 7, but you read. So yeah that’s why is my old mobile hugging the book as if they have the most intimate relationship. Because they do!  That’s why!

(And you are damn right if you think I will keep this old phone for a while as it is my turn now to play with phone operators and make them beat their offers to lure me! (Or so I thought – different story… 🙂 ))

I knew you were gonna ask and I know also, that I’m making this too personal and not that much of a review, but do I?

And also, do you REALLY mind?

And now to the topic I got your attention on – PC doing his thing!

I see what you’re doing there Pablo and I like it. To move along the story using character interviews is not the simplest feat and you are doing just great! Applause!

And it’s a good story too and I learn a ton of things I otherwise wouldn’t and my faith is much stronger than when I don’t read you (Pablo). Same ol’ same ol’… (That’s good if you flounder.)

“So does it give you something Pablo didn’t give you before?” You (Dear reader) should be asking.

“Aren’t you a tiny bit too greedy?” me buying time.

“Not really an answer…” (Proud of..) you, FINALLY, being assertive.

“Yes he does! In fact, he changes your perspective on many of little things you enjoy in your life. Dance (obviously), but also football (for me) and pretty much all those hobbies you have. And YES that is important!”

And more importantly even, (yes I’m writing this a piece at the time and so it doesn’t have the integrity one might expect from someone who keeps mocking the greatest authors for the tiniest flaws…) this one is rather a plea than a review too! And for 2 things at the time too.

(I can already see you allowing one crowding out the other one. Why can’t you keep 2 thoughts at one time in your mind? Only human, ha? (Not sure if that song really helped or screwed the world.))

  2. USE THOSE SMARTPHONES SMARTLY! Get and old cell for 2 days and you will learn what do you really need your phone for. You actually CAN have 2 minutes of inefficiency (not solving your correspondence while waiting in queue just to grab that quick sandwich for a lunch. Busy, busy BUSY?!) LONG LIVE TO INEFFICIENCY IN FACT!

And we will forgive him(Pablo) for bashing Stoker’s Dracula in this book. Being the grant, you know I’m, I will pretend that it was his characters, not him, doing so.

Favourite quote (lesson I have VERY difficult times to remember myself): “No one can manipulate anyone else. In any relationship, both parties know what they’re doing. even if one complains later on that they were used.”

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