Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrimage

Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrimage

Score: 8.5/10



We have been fighting (like a real deal fist fight) with dogs, evoking our personal devils and doing many other crazy things, and yet, it’s a must read (almost).

This is Paolo at his earnest. I understand it’s his first one and that is, I assume, the reason it is so pure and innocent.

I mean, there is still plenty of the ego, and it being yet another autobiographical piece, makes it still too Coelhish, but it’s so full of wisdom, I have almost hurt my fingers from all that dog-earing…

And I took my time to read it too. And although you can put it down in a day or two, I will strongly recommend you to take a sip at a time and read one chapter a day, so you can actually find some time to apply what you’ve learned. (I mean, we both ver well know you are not going to do all those exercises anyways, you lazy bastards, but this will give you some breathing space to at least consider doing them. And try one even. #whynotisnotdead).

And I will say also this. I caught myself saying THIS to my wife the other morning: (After learning that that extremely talented raping rascal from our neighborhood finds himself to be too old for trying to record at least some of his songs).

“Everybody should read some of Coelho’s books. At least one.  It doesn’t last too long, but for a while, you feel like you can actually make it in your life. That’s a lot!!!”

(And what a wise intelligent gentleman am I?!!!:) I wouldn’t be surprised I quote myself some more going forward…))

P.S.: I have suggested this book twice within the last week and for me, it became THE book to suggest to the people who seem to be attracted to mysticism, or would like to start their relationship with Mr. Coelho. (Yep, not Alchemist, that one is too polished. Sets the bar too high…)

P.S.2: I might have some treat for you on this one later this year, stay tuned 😉

Favorite lines (I could copy-paste half of the book in here (and burn the rest frankly too ;)):

““The true path to wisdom can be identified by three things,” said Petrus. “First, it must involve agape, and I’ll tell you more about this later; second, it has to have practical application in your life. Otherwise, wisdom becomes a useless thing and deteriorates, like a sword that is never used. “And finally, it has to be a path that can be followed by anyone. Like the road you are walking now, the Road to Santiago.””

““Do you know what Barabbas means, Paulo? Bar means son, and abba means father.” He gazed at the cross on the bell tower. His eyes shone, and I sensed that he was moved by something — perhaps by the love he had spoken so much about, but I couldn’t be certain.

“The intentions of the divine glory were so wise!” he said, his voice echoing in the empty square. “When Pontius Pilate made the people choose, he actually gave them no choice at all. He presented them with one man who had been whipped and was falling apart, and he presented them with another man who held his head high — Barabbas, the revolutionary. God knew that the people would put the weaker one to death so that he could prove his love.”

He concluded, “And regardless of which choice they made, it was the Son of God who was going to be crucified.””

(The fight against this elitism is huge in here. And rightfully so too. We are all equals. #equality)

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