Osho – Sex – A Quantum Leap From Sin to Fun

Osho – Sex – A Quantum Leap From Sin to Fun

Score: 9/10 (extra points for the powerful powerful message and my emotional involvement)


This might sound like a blasphemy, as, I understand, some consider Osho to be equivalent of Jesus or any other prophet and I won’t argue with that. As you shall see, I have nothing but the utmost respect for both him as his teachings. No kidding! Let’s start juicy though, mind you?

While reading this book and this book only (I have added and will add some more going forward) I couldn’t help to suppress the feeling that this dude has used his teaching to reach an enlightening amount of experience with various women (How dare I, right? I don’t mean it as anything but compliment, I promise). Or it might have been just a side-product of it, but I just don’t see him not doing it. (I could be wrong, as I often am.)

Ultra-open-minded mind-opener is this book and with these words is that I conclude my Antree and now shh as I’m about to pray.

“Dear God, I’m confessing my sins I have committed since my last confession which was I-don’t-even-remember- when… I have been wronging you for a long long time and that way I have been wronging myself too and badly. I made myself believe that you are vengeful bad parent waiting for his kids to make a mistake only to tell them “haven’t I told you so?!”
I have been accusing you of the same sins I have been witnessing and committing myself. I have really thought that Sex is your weapon to keep check on us and not a gift to enjoy.”

Wow, ha?

This is actually not that much about the book as it is THE most important story of my life… Let me shed a bit of light on how Tamarka (my beloved beautiful daughter) was born.

We are but a cheap poor couple in one of the richest countries in the world and so we stay in weird monasterish “hotel”(rather B&B) in Sydney, Australia and we are eating our breakfast and we are eating a lot of it (it’s for free and this honeymoon got already pretty expensive…) and although Peter Canisius House is a Catholic-oriented facility few Hindu looking monks enter the cafeteria and one, coming from a rather rigid country(like us), gets to be a little surprised – positively of course. So, naturally, you(I) talk to the guys and they invite you to their “ceremony” where you came only to learn that you need to pay for it AUD 20 each (we were really on a stretch when it came money there) making you reconsidering the attendance. “Our” guy sees us struggling and immediately introduces us to the cashiers as his guests who are not going to pay anything, making thus the attendence-choice a no-brainer.

(Maybe an hour after..) we are instructed to dance with closed eyes so to feel music and so to not feel embarrassment that the others would be judging your dance moves – now that’s what I call a meditation. We go to the room and my wife is convinced beyond reasonable doubt that is the day when we have conceived Tamarka.

And we have also bought 2 books from these monks and while both of them turned out to be extremely smart, the one I’m reviewing (if this could be considered a review) really has potential to change the world.

Man who doesn’t saturate his libido is a frustrated, potentially very dangerous, animal. And while there are desires extremely hard to fulfill, this one is an easy one and so it should be treated. Osho preaches (sort of) promiscuity and using only common sense, it would be extremely difficult to fight his arguments. He is basically saying that it is us, who by constantly taming our sexual desires redirect this energy elsewhere creating thus all the deviations we can see. And when you recall all the dirty porn you have seen, or might have even been “attracted” to, you have to admit that it is a result of you not allowing yourself to love yourself, and the others.

Now I don’t know if Osho’s ideal world isn’t a little too much (what I know for sure, is that when Tamarka turns 18 (at the very least –> look at me being selectively open-minded) I won’t even want to hear about it:)), but he does have a point. The world really would be a better place, should our religions (parents, media, whomever you feel like fearing) not forbid us to examine our bodies and the bodies of the others the way we want, at the time we want. Should we be able to see our parents caress each other, love each other (No, I don’t want to see my parents having sex, nor do I want my Tamarka to see us having sex. I just want her to know that we do that and that it’s nothing we are ashamed of). Should this completely natural thing, not be a subject of that many embarrassing debates, it might pay out so that we wouldn’t consider it an embarrassing subject anymore.

Favourite line (I mean, you seen me bitching about Coelho going too weird and now this? Just think of it…Don’t judge for a second.):

“Unless humanity becomes non-suppressive toward sex, man cannot breathe really. If the breath goes deep down to the abdomen, it gives energy to the sex center. It touches the sex center; it massages the sex center from within. The sex center becomes more active, more alive. Civilization is afraid of sex. We do not allow our children to touch their sex centers, their sex organs. We say, “Stop! Don’t touch!”

“Look at a child when he first touches his sex center, and then say “Stop!” and then observe his breathing. When you say “Stop! Don’t touch your sex center!” the breath will become shallow immediately – because it is not only his hand which is touching the sex center, deep down the breath is touching it. And if the breath goes on touching it, it is difficult to stop the hand. If the hand stops, then basically it is necessary, required, that the breath should not touch, should not go deep. It must remain shallow.”

“We are afraid of sex. The lower part of the body is not only lower physically, it has become lower as a value. It is condemned as “lower.” So do not go deep, just remain shallow. It is unfortunate that we can only breathe downwards. If some preachers were allowed, they would change the whole mechanism. They would only allow you to breathe upward into the head. Then you would absolutely not feel sex.

“If we are to create a sexless humanity, then we will have to change the breathing system. The breath must go into the head, to the sahasrar – the seventh center in the head – then come back to the mouth. This should be the passage: from the mouth to the sahasrar. It must not go deep down because down is dangerous. The deeper you go, the nearer you reach to the deeper layers of biology. You reach to the center, and that center is just near the sex center – just near. It has to be, because sex is life.”

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