Matt Haig -The Humans

Matt Haig -The Humans

Score: 6.5/10                 

Should I write this while I read it, it would be probably 8… 

Meaning it’s a good times, but this dude is unlucky to be compared with Huxley’s The Doors of Perception, which kicked my doors of perception white open, leaving his book somewhat forgotten on the yard.

Rather unique point of view on a life in general. It bears some deep points, interesting facts (?), even usable tips on tricks how to make your life easier (Mr. Haig, no doubt, knows what he’s talking about.), put in a light, extremely-readable, funny way.

Should I read it in a pre-Huxley times, it would be a 9 for sure, but I didn’t.

You know what this book is? A good gift! It will amuse and help pretty much anybody who likes to read! 

Favourite line (controversial one): “A cow was a cow even if you call it beef.”


(I have even stopped to eat a meat for 10days in the aftermath of this book…)

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