Matt Haig – How to Stop Time

Matt Haig – How to Stop Time

Score: 9/10 (possibly 10) 

There is nothing quite like finishing a good book. 

It’s almost midnight and you know you gonna be tired tomorrow, but still, it’s only what? 20 pages? You gauge by the look of the book. 

You check again if there isn’t some acknowledgments or something, which you certainly won’t be reading, to learn it’s probably even less.


And you read.


No, you don’t read it anymore, you flight over it, because you just HAVE to know how it’s going to end.

I remember precisely those moments with my Harry Potters and 15 years later I get the same feelings.

I feel beautifully vulnerable and gracious for experiencing something this intense.

There is something Marian Keyes-ish about this book. She called it “A triumph”. Well, she better. 

You know, how you want to give 10s only to authors, which have passed away, or will in a year or two, because they don’t belittle you by their wisdom, as they had many more years to acquire it? Maybe this dude is an Albatros (for an explanation of this term read the book)…That would be the only good explanation. 

Else, I’m just mad. And thankful. 

Really am…

Fuck, I even bought it to my mother for her name day (we celebrate that). So much for a “good gift of a book” I dubbed this author’s other book arrogantly (enviously) in my previous review. 

Favourite line:

“I inhale. Life has a strange rhythm. It takes a while to fully be aware of this. Decades. Centuries, even. It’s not a simple rhythm. But the rhythm is there. The tempo shifts and fluctuates; there are structures within structures, patterns within patterns, It’s baffling. Like when you first hear John Coltrane on the saxophone. But if you stick with it, the elements of familiarity become clear. The current rhythm is speeding up. I am approaching a crescendo. Everything is happening all at once. That is one of the patterns: when nothing is happening, nothing continues to happen, but after a while the lull becomes too much and drums need to kick in. Something has to happen. Often that need comes form yourself. You make a phone call. You say, ‘I can’t do this life any more, I need to change.” And one thing happens that you are in control of. And then another happens which you have no say over. Newton’s third law of motion. Actions create reactions. When things start to happen, other things start to happen. But sometimes it seems there is no explanation as to why the things are happening – why life’s moments of luck and pain arrive in clusters. All we can do is observe the pattern, the rhythm, and live it. 

I take a deep breath, inhale the air.”

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