Mario Puzo – The Sicilian

Mario Puzo – The Sicilian

Score: 10/10

Of course I haven’t forgotten. How could I? This is a ultimate romantic story and should I ever make the movie (trust me I should) it would have to be this one (cause that thing starring Christopher Lambert has no right to be associated with this masterpiece).

(Mario Puzo was friend of Joseph Heller (who turned out to be horrible name-dropper, which doesn’t make any sense as you would expect people to drop HIS name) and the amount of talent present on their meetings is comparable maybe only to DaVinci’s,Machiavelli’s, Michel…-you-name-it’s Florence. But that has absolutely nothing to do with the book, I just find it staggering.)

I know you lazy bastards watched The Godfather, as I know that you are “playing” THE theme song in your head right now and I know that it made you think something like “That Mafia thing is not all that bad, might be harsh, but at least it’s fair…” and you then there is no way around this. You absolutely HAVE TO read this book! Or wait till I make that movie, but that might take a while.(somebody like Penelope Cruz will be “quella lupa” although I’m not sure anymore if she was referred to as “la lupa”…#daydreaming)

This is a non-fictional book too, as Salvatore Giuliano is as real of a person as you or I and you will fall in love with him, with the lady (not a girl!), with Sicily, mafia (at least the one as descripted in there) and books in general. (You can actually smoothly continue to read all his books as he hasn’t written a bad one…)

Favourite line: (Can’t tell you, but once you read it, there will be no doubt about which one it is….)

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