Mario Puzo – Fools Die

Mario Puzo – Fools Die

Score: 9/10

What?! I’ve told you Puzo is an automatic 8 and this is one is one of his better ones.
And I’m sorry for pressing “play” to The Godfather’s theme song in your head, but I will need to turn it
off. Not too sorry though, as although vast majority deems Puzo as mobsters-related-books writer, his other books are just as good, if not better.

I know we all often read to run away from the normalities of our everyday’s life, but some books
describe just them in such an extraordinary way that, I don’t even know how to finish this sentence
without being extremely corny, so I won’t…But, I trust, you see where I’m going…
It’s basically Heller’s Something Happened written by Maestro Puzo. (And that is very good, if you still wonder if I mean it as a compliment or an insult. And if you do, then you don’t know me good enough yet, as I would never-ever insult any of these best-friends-of-mine-I-never-met…)
Both of these are a tiny bit depressing, but, YOU KNOW, that neither of these greats would leave you
going through something depressing without applying some of their very-own unreplicable lightness,
they have been feeding us with so masterfully throughout that amazing body of their work. (Wow, ha?! Yes, I can sound intelligent when I want to.)

I know I’m being vague, but I’m a little worried you might back-up, if I told you, that they are just
depicting thoughts (and obviously process leading to them) of men in their what 40-ies? 50-ies?, you
wouldn’t want to read them. (So I’m not going to write it here. I mean here->… See? I haven’t!)
And yeah, all books have some trace of autobiography, but both of these have some more (wink-wink).

Just read them!

Favorite line (look at me being all playful and twists, quoting Something Happened in here): (Or so I thought… Wasn’t able to find it, apologies. Just search for the sentence including “antelopes” or “gazelles(for that matter)…” and you will know. Trust me, you will know. Sorry again.

Extras (Here you go my friends! Enjoy! #stillsomethinghappened #somethinghappenedtomyfairness):
“Something did happen to me somewhere that robbed me of confidence and courage and left me with
a fear of discovery and change and a positive dread of everything unknown that may occur.”
“I know at last what I want to be when I grow up. when I grow up I want to be a little boy.”

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