Kobe Bryant – The Mamba Mentality: How I Play

Kobe Bryant – The Mamba Mentality: How I Play

Score: 7/10

Let’s be honest Kobe is better than you! And also, Kobe wants you to know it. So he decided to write this book. (My wild guess would be that this idea was initiated by the photographer, but the reason why Kobe said his “Yes!” was this.)

And this approach would essentially be the very opposite of the Mamba mentality Kobe is preaching.

It would be that wandering unfocused mind trying to diminish accomplishments of those who’ve found their purpose of life. And should the first paragraph be my whole review, it would mean that I have wasted yet another few hours (it really is just a few hours, as it’s a book with pictures, i.e. a book you haven’t, but should have, read in a while) reading it.

But it’s December 27th and I went to the gym during my lunch break and as much as I’m not willing to sacrifice my sleep, so not to sacrifice time with my family or with my colleagues, I’m willing to get inspired…

I might play basketball just 30 more times (as I play it on a strictly bi-annual basis), but I promise to always put my hips below the big’s hips when boxing out, I promise to always listen to my body and my mind, I promise to try to be always myself (as some people gonna dislike-even-hate me regardless), promise to keep learning and I promise to always enjoy the physicality of the game, i.e. to always enjoy though situations, even if it may mean answering client’s tough email. I know that all this promising would be better fitted once reviewing Lebron’s More Than An Athlete (as I darn right should), but you should promise to not being that wandering unfocused mind trying to diminish accomplishments of those…(aka Oh Shut up, have you been to gym on 27th of December?!).

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(I don’t have a favourite quote in here as this book is basically an assemble of favourite quotes. And it’s not even a review, but a blog, as it really isn’t that much of a traditional book as it is just a magazine…BUT a special version. That special version you probably keep in the drawer of your table in the loft of your parent’s house and you always return children-happy when being sent there to fetch some redundant stuff. They think it’s that Playboy mag, oh boy, they couldn’t be more wrong…That wouldn’t make you children-happy…)

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