Karen Joy Fowler – We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Karen Joy Fowler – We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Score: 7/10

Let’s talk about twists! Man, oh man, I had no clue and I bet no one did.

This book should come with a warning though “You might never want to visit a ZOO again!”. And that is not necessarily a bad thing too…

Authors always denude themselves in front of their readership, but Karen gets BUTT NAKED and it’s a JOY!!! (She doesn’t try to make her look any better. I mean, like not at all! Who does that?!)

There are books which are enjoyable time-consumption and they keep you happy while you read them. THEN, there are books which you are not even able to lend to your colleague, ‘cause he wants to have his OWN copy, after you finish your passionate description. This one is the latter.

(Actually, it’s that good of a book that I feel horribly guilty for giving her 7/10 only, especially as my only reason for doing so is to not run the risk of losing my credibility by being too generous with my ratings. But you shouldn’t be that lazy to read just a score either, so if I go down on my karma points, I’m taking you with me. Should you read this through, you would know that it really deserves maybe even 9, but what’s done is done.)

Favourite line: “The secret to a good life,” he told me once, “is to bring your A game to everything you do. Even if all you’re doing is taking out the garbage, you do that with excellence.”

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