John Gray – Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

John Gray – Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Score: 8/10

 “But why would a PEFEECT gentleman like you Mirko need a help with his relationship?! I don’t get it…” Is what you might (‘nay SHOULD) be thinking. 

“I mean…” Mirko avoiding your eyes, all of a sudden acting really weirdly….


To the book…


How was it? People who have something to say, are often those who can’t find the right words for it, while those who have nothing to say are extremely equipped this way? (I’m sure I wrote it wrongly ->aint gonna google the right version ->you get the point…)

Well, this dude has a lot to say!!! 

(Not thrilled about his style. I can’t help myself but feeling something Brandon Bays-ish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IutSGCauWRU about this book. Then again, I’ve read only a translated version (shame on me), so I will give him a benefit of doubt. In the meantime I’m desperately trying to acquire some other of his books in English, so I shall update you on my perception of his writing skills rather soon.)

Actually, I haven’t read more useful of a book for a while. If it would be school-book, and it should be a school-book!, I would be fine. 

Actually(again?!), that’s all I should say: THIS BOOK SHOULD BE A SCHOOL-BOOK!  

Same way I can see the world changing overnight into a better place if 20% of the population read the Island (Huxley), I can see much happier marriages, divorce rate drastically dropping, kids self-esteem sky-rocketing, if people were to read (and APPLY) this bad boy! 

Favourite line(I really liked the preface, cause it really sums up the book. Not many would be able to hold on successfully to this difficult of a goal and this high of a purpose – Bravo! –  Also corny AF, but what me and my readers should do too, is to realize that sometimes the best way of appreciating life is to stop being cool. Different topic, don’t let that distract you, we come to that later): 

“I believe everyone can benefit from the insights in this book. The only negative response I hear from participants in my seminars and in the letters I receive is “I wish someone had told me this before.” 

It is never too late to increase the love in your life. You only need to learn a new way. Whether you are in therapy or not, if you want to have more fulfilling relationships with the opposite sex, this book is for you.  

It is a pleasure to share with you Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. 

May you always grow in wisdom and in love. 

May the frequency of divorce decrease and the number of happy marriages increase.  

Our children deserve a better world.”



Here’s to better world! Cheers!

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