Go Surfing!

Go Surfing!

Go Surfing!

(Score: 10/10 since you insist.)

“Original! Straight up! Never did I hear this!” (“This” will be You once again.)

I don’t mean it as an order, but as a chant for surfing.

“Well, ok…I mean still, but ok…”

But you do realize that you can reject that straw when buying your Latte, right?


Will you give me a chance at least?

“King Mirko has juuuust returned from his holiday and now he is going to get all ocean-lover on us, God bless him and, even more so, save us!”

Why do you have to be always like this, when I’m trying to change your life?

“Change yours first!”

I did!

“Oh, really? FABOULOUS! And did you freaking not have that coffee in the airplane with both milk and sugar (both separately separated in their separate plastic container, packed in another plastic container in a plastic…”because EF you that’s why!” might as well be the motto of these companies, when it comes to environment…)?

Now you are just being mean. (Right, but mean.)

“No way were you surfing there though” (I see you, obviously, referring to the video-teaser)

It’s just to set up the mood…

“Spit it out then!” (You, growing visibly inpatient by my looong intro.)

I don’t do, or like, lists, but I’m afraid this has got too chaotic already and at least a bit of an order would help you.

1. Makes you fit. (STOP IT! I used to be in a very good shape and even then it was the hardest sport I’ve ever done. And since it’s that fun and that difficult, you will be doing it till dropping “dead” on the beach.)

2. Makes you calm. (Eventually… Me, I have to get over my personal crisis where I blame people, waves, sun, surfboard, water, weather, my mother, father and many MANY more for my poor performance first, but when I calm down, I truly am calm. Ones of the ZENest available moments you can get.)

3. Makes you fight your only true enemy. (I did flex my muscles when I’ve finally got a rather nice one (for my level) only to realize that there is no one to flex at, but myself. It’s not that kind of sport where you just want to be better than others. The very fact that each wave is different means that there is no base for comparison… By default you compete only with yourself. And that, by default, somehow makes you stop competing…)

4. Makes you an environmentalist. (That mixture of gratitude, fear and respect towards the ocean drives your lazy hands to take that straw from the beach. And while you managed to bend them knees, you will see, you’ll take also something else. And it makes you think…and that’s enough for the beginning… Soon you will be terrorizing your office for not putting the milk box into plastics and that’s when you become a better person. (If I’m not mistaking also Oxford dictionary keeps “better person” with “that sympathetic dude who shouts at you in the kitchen to separate your freaking litter for EF sake, you selfish animal!” I might be wrong on that one though…))

So yeah, go surfing! (And now it IS an order. Cunning, eh?)

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