Finding Dory

Finding Dory


10/10 being also a percentage of my waking (when not working) hours watching this movie. I have a good reason to believe that I have seen it more times than most of the editing crew by now and that is not meant as a knock on the editing crew – Au countraire! …
(#letsTalkAboutGoodParentingAgain#wantToSeeYouTryingToStopHer) At any rate, I believe I have become somewhat of an expert in here, and that entitles, if not obliges, me to talk to you…

There are, OBVIOUSLY, the 3 lines we need to follow to unveil the greatest wisdom this magnificent piece of art tells us.

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Coelho’s Zahir
3. and, sure enough, Dory

1. Kobe – (I think people don’t talk about him anymore as much as they should and also, THIS (like this paragraph) is my way of subtly asking for his new book as a Christmas gift. Hope my wife is reading!!!) was, as you all know, famous for his short-living memory when it came to failures and would be pulling up that three (point shot) in last 2 seconds every game even if he missed 5 (even 10) in the row. He wouldn’t (miss 5-10 in a row), obviously, but the reason why would he not, is the very reason why would he pull them up, i.e. he didn’t let his past failures to ruin his future. (sure they made him work harder, arguably than anybody…bla bla bla…I know… D*** it!)

2. Coelho’s Zahir – let’s focus only on that one idea I liked so much, i.e. living your life every day as if it was your first day. Not letting (for example) your initial relationship struggle translate into the evergreen of your future arguments. (Haha, easier said than done, but we here to TRY!) Forgetting the pain of the past so you can appreciate the present and future. Obviously!

3. Dory, not sure you’ve noticed, did have some problems with her memory (they said only with the short one, but it didn’t feel like that would be precise, did it now?). And what did that make her? Like the coolest and, in many ways, smartest character in the whole cinematography (#WhatWouldDoryDo it’s a thing now)? Well yes, this movie is basically elaborating on the fact that the smartest part of yourself isn’t your analysis skills (and rightfully so) but rather your intuition and I liked that…

Didn’t expect me to wrap up this abruptly, did you? Neither did I, but I’ve acted on the intuition…(for once!)

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