Eva Dusickova – Chalan, ktory vynasiel Spirita (The Guy Who Has Invented The Spirit)

Eva Dusickova – Chalan, ktory vynasiel Spirita (The Guy Who Has Invented The Spirit)

Score: 3/10

Why would I waste your time with this low of a score? (All of a sudden ha? Did you mind in case of The Art of War? You haven’t, so I would ask you, all of you, to keep silence in the courtroom.)

The book is exactly what would you expect a book written by a mom about her beloved (there is no doubt in that) son. And that is how it’s supposed to be!

So again, why would I waste your time advising you to read something, which is not of a great artistic value?

Because I just need to give this massive kudos to the son, i.e. the guy this book is about. (And seeing the upbringing of him, by reading this book, might confirm some of your thesis on how being loved helps in your future life.)

And he’s a rapper, ok? And that package necessary includes displaying levels of confidence unheard of anywhere else than, well, amongst rappers, BUT:

(Wow, it’s kind of hard for me to express these, this dude really means a lot to me. (Maybe we can attribute my having to bash him before praising to the fact, that I’m just worried to open about my feelings so easily. And praise I will. And praise I will. And rightfully so too.))

But then there are days like this. Something is dragging you down and your life might be something very close to a perfect one, but you don’t feel like there is one reason for you to ever break that straight straight line of your lips into the smile. You feel like there is no reason to even breathe (I know I’m being melodramatic, but I’m trying to paint a picture in here and why do you use all those filters on your instagrams if not to make things more melodramatic? Ha? F off!!!).

In other words, you question everything you ever done and you know your life will be always remembered as the biggest failure in the history of the Milky Way (and possibly even universe as a whole).

And that’s the emotion you can embrace and just slide from the chair below the table and cry for good 2 hours, but that you can do only once or twice a week. Else, people start to talk badly about you in the office, and frankly, they might, just might, be onto something.

OR you can play one of his songs where he tells you that you are absolutely right in everything what you think (which sucks), but where he also tells you that you (in fact only you) can change it and that is kind of nice. All his songs are kind of nice…

I will admit, risking all my credit of the well-travelled gentleman, that many of the thoughts I have decided to explore came from his mind(songs) and if you think about how many lives has been touched by his pen(voice?) that’s pretty big.

I mean, c’mon…

But best Slovak rapper is Boy Wonder. FULL STOP.

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