Erasmus – Praise of Folly Feat. Ska-P

Erasmus – Praise of Folly Feat. Ska-P

Score: 10/10

Erasmus was, obviously, a heavy metal punker taken to extreme! That we know…

…or do we?

You might have spent a semester abroad in the name of this good GOOOOOOD man, but do you even know who he was?

Ah, you don’t. Never mind! Just listen to this song (help yourself out with this and come back to educate yourself a tiny bit more.

Back already? Ah, I hoped you will listen also some other of their songs and maybe even dance a bit? (Why can’t you relax and kick those shoes off from time to time?! Damn it!)

Erasmus considered himself being the citizen of the world (not of one particular nation) and he was as radical or courageous, if you insist, and you damn right should insist on this one, as they come.

Do you remember when you lastly commented on a Facebook picture depicting somewhat of an itchy subject and you felt like you should rewrite it so to not leave bad impression? I know, who wouldn’t be worried of social exclusion (God forbid being talked about badly by people you don’t know)?

Well, the answer is Erasmus. Erasmus wouldn’t. Erasmus decided to, rather openly, criticize the Pope who was famous of having have killed anybody who would as much as suggest that he’s not an absolute perfection taken to perfection of THE Perfection.

But it’s not only about him, so don’t get too comfy on that sofa, when you finally bring it home. It’s about you and me too. But he will make love to your mind very gently, so don’t get too scared either.

And who, but the coolest dude ever, names his book “In Praise of Folly”?

What I’m trying to say is:

Gritaré que ardan las banderas por la fraternitad

Que caiga el patriotismo y la hostalidad racial

Cultura popular…”

[I will shout: let the flags burn in the name of brotherhood

Let patriotism fall and so the racial hostility

Popular culture…]

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