Daniel Defoe – Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe – Robinson Crusoe

Score: 8/10

Mirko is taking care of you both on- and off-shore and this one is a stellar example of that. You know the story, I’m sure, and chances are that you, somehow, feel like you have read this one. You ought to have, right?

NO! You just know the story and do you know why you know it although it’s 299 years old (should have wait that year, shouldn’t I?)? Because it’s really that good!

This is a good good, gooood, book, don’t let anybody tell you different and if you thought you can picture how does it feel to be left on an abandoned island cause you have seen Cast Away, it’s a NO again.

There is no need for Mr. Wilson, there is no need for a romantic plot and, (surprise, surprise) it turned out, there is no need for a dialogue neither to keep you engaged, nor to move the story smoothly.

And wait till you eat raisins. They will never taste the same again. It feels like you have been entrusted with the information only few were…as a matter of fact, you have.

And last (but not least) of my mightily random bullets: It’s a deeply religious book and I mean it as a compliment. So if you happen to go through crisis of your faith, you might want to choose this one over bible. Not because it provides ultimate proof of God’s existence, but it provides a good example of how can one have a wonderful relationship with his creator…(Kinda similar to watching Monica and Chandler (Friends) when trying to get inspired in different kind of relationship.)

Favourite line(-s, as I’m afraid the first one might discourage you from reading this book):
“Those people cannot enjoy comfortably what God has given them because they see and covet what He has not given them. All of our discontents for what we want appear to me to spring from want of thankfulness for what we have.”

“I smiled to my self at the sight of this money, O drug! said I aloud, what art thou good for? Thou art not worth to me, no not the taking off of the ground, one of those knives is worth all this heap, I have no manner of use for thee, e’en remain where thou art, and go to the bottom as a creature whose life is not worth saving. However, upon second thoughts, I took it away…”

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