Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol

Score: 9/10

((You can skip this part until…

This is, quite frankly, my favorite book of his and although I might infuriate all my American followers, I will say this. -> My only problem with it is that I have hard times to get excited about the history which goes ALL the way back to 19th century.(Don’t you just love me when I get cherry-picking European all over you and all of a sudden start to prefer quantity over quality?! (On the other hand, I’m very often arguing that I like the new worlds (US, Australia) much better than the old ones, as I’m sure it must be amazing to have that chance to just easily cut off old that BS which was amassed by your previous generations for centuries. As, I don’t mind only those traditions which make either perfect, or no sense and there is way too much of those in between in that old world of ours… and let’s not leave me get distracted anymore. Focus, Mirko, FOCUS!!!))

Where was I?

Ah, yeah, I know now, this book possesses the best Brown’s bad guy (to start with). It might have been just me finding his decision to simplify his fight with his desires revolutionary (worth thinking of, but certainly NOT trying), but it was this piece of information which gave all his further actions slightly different shade. (I mean…)

Forget the plot, it’s always the same (and you will love every piece of it as we always do!), but it is this book which redirected me towards that interesting path of all the Oshos, Coelhos, Tolles and God- know- who- elses of the world. It might have been just the difficult relationship with his father (responsible for that many human dramas) which pulled my sympathicus, but it pulled it hard… It pulled it towards finding the solution of this problem in the realms of spirituality.

“Does it work?” (You being rude, insensible and pushy again.)

I certainly enjoy the path. Thanks for asking. (Me being a text-book gentleman.)

Now, could we have a similar discussion about any other of his books? That’s why I absolutely love it.

((((Backstage cut: And should I not be too scared to risk my trustworthiness by giving him more than 8, I would do so. But I’m just not ready to… You know what?! F it! It’s a 9. ))))

Favourite line:

“The only difference between you and God is that you have forgotten you are divine.”

“To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.”

(…because the second one could easily be the motto of this page.)

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