Dan Brown – Origin

Dan Brown – Origin

Score: 8/10

Don’t get me wrong, Dan Brown is a cheap bastard. And it wasn’t only the CAPS LOCK thingy which got me go all “SERIOUSLY?!” on him, BUT:

-He did suck me in (as he always does)
-I really really REALLY want to visit Barcelona now (as I always do (want to visit the city where his story unfolds))
-He got me thinking about and appreciate things I otherwise wouldn’t
-I owe him (big chunk of) my faith (as I guess many do…)
Which is something I would be able to write about pretty much all the stories featuring good old Robert Langdon.

For me, his 3rd best book (behind The Lost Symbol and The da Vinci Code).

Favourite line: “What had once been life’s quite moments of solitary reflection – a few minutes alone on a bus, or walking to work, or waiting for an appointment — now felt unbearable, and people impulsively reached for their phones, their ear buds, and their games, unable to fight the addictive pull of technology. The miracles of the past were fading away, white-washed by a ceaseless hunger for all-that-was-new.”

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