Colleen McCullough -The Thorn Birds

Colleen McCullough -The Thorn Birds

Score: 7/10

Don’t google the name of the book! And don’t do it NOW! Or do, but bear the consequences. You will INSTANTLY fall in love with the great Rachel Ward for she is the most beautiful woman we had a chance to see in the television. (PERIOD.)

(Call me a hypocrite for stating that I don’t watch the TV and now going overboard on this one, but…)

The TV series was a top notch thing and so was the book. ‘Nay, the TV series was much better, as none’s imagination could picture Meghann (adult version) prettier. Just impossible!

And yeah, almost forgot (such a poor host am I), welcome to Australia! This book sets its mood perfectly from both ambient and human perspective. (What could I know? I’ve spent only 3 weeks of my life on the honeymoon there… we did go to cinema though, and if that’s not the best way to learn about country’s culture, I don’t know what is…) On the latter, I can’t help myself, but I have that impression, that them Aussies have a bit further limits in their humor. (My most favorite YouTube channels are coming from there too, but that’s a different topic, although get prepared to have your life DRASTICALLY changed when I hit you with them.) I’m sure it will be stupid to explain it just by that, but I think that them being surrounded by that many deadly animals makes them perceive the act of the death a little less remarkable of an event then we old-world’s Europeans deem it for. At least this book, didn’t give 2 Fs about you being sensible. She slayed them all. She knew you are beginning to feel a little unnerved about somebody’s health, but do you think she would have a mercy on you (or rather on the character)? C’mon mate!

Now was this only about people dying? Yes! But on the background of that some most interesting stories unfolded. Some of the most intriguing internal fights of both woman’s and man’s life were descripted as insight-fully as it gets. Your not being able to NOT get into the book, if you know what I mean, is the reason why you should read it. It has a good aftertaste too. Oh boy, will you get angry, sad and happy for that indecisive priest?!

Ambitions! Don’t we all have them? Can we really know what would we be able to sacrifice for them?

AND, you know, I don’t like to boss people around, but I want you to read a book and then watch the series as good docile boys and girls should!

Favorite line:

“There are no ambitions noble enough to justify breaking someone’s heart.”

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