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Not freaking Aunty Donna! Not on my watch!

Few days ago, I have seen one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen – Aunty Donna’s Social Websites IRL. And it could be just me overreacting, but I don’t see this getting any worse. (I have seen that video with Orangutan fighting the bulldozer, I have seen even MJ’s Heal The World video, but those are supposed to be sad, so they don’t catch you this off guard…)

And sorry people, but I blame you!

Sure, this might not be the smartest start as I will get you all defensive, but before you get so, how many Aunty Donna’s vids have you watched today, or ever, for that matter?


And yet you call yourself a human?

(No, I’m not taking this too far, but I’m aware that I will have to explain myself, before you feel sorry for accusing me of that.)

What makes a human being a human being? It has to be emotions, so for purposes of this conversation we can crop it to a laughter and hence to a sense of humour. While in those scientific terms, what the actual F happened with that of yours, if you don’t absolutely LOVE The Aunty Donna?!

You see, humour is (supposedly) just a break in an expected pattern and tell me who does break the patterns in a more unexpected way than these 3 guys?! (Maybe with an exception of SRETS? Ok not now…)

And ok, maybe you didn’t know them and rightfully despise the same ol’ same ol’ currently popular videos (this-and-that and that-and-this IRL), so I will change my rhetoric a bit, as I got a bit calmer after that strong opening too…

But before I do, please allow me for one more reprimand:

How are they supposed to make living? How do you expect them to stay THE crème-della-crème of the sketch comedy, if they don’t have anything to put in those extremely funny mouths of theirs? How can you expect them to not start to prostitute themselves eventually and make videos reading “IRL”?

Darn it!

(Following are the lines I wrote before seeing that infamous IRL-thingy…)

If there is one thing I wouldn’t be jealous if you had abundance of, it is fun and this semi-successful comedian group from Australia is the funniest thing I was able to find on the internets so far.

(And don’t act like I didn’t warn you, that one day I shall change your life by sharing the best Australian export. My Thorn Birds review was hinting that I shall blow your mind with some more Aussie stuff and here we go… The moment has come.)

Now, you need NOT to be stopped if you don’t fall in love immediately, cause that happens only in a romantic kind of love and this is a slightly different one.

On the other hand, I know you must be a busy busy person if you read my reviews, so I will provide you with 5 of their best videos, amounting to some 15mins of your time and if you don’t fall for it, just continue with the life you lead before and just try to get back your 15 mins by walking a little bit faster for 2-3 days and you are all good.)

And I won’t do it in an order of my preference, but I will try to do the stupidest thing a person could do, i.e. try to guess what could be your taste.

1. Best Funeral Ever

2. Subtly Spying on a Hot Girl

3. Manbeast Returns – 1999

4. A Cheeky Tea Break

5. Haven’t You Done Well 6: $30 Bottle of Wine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNfazhgSwYM

There’s a Milk Crate on my Head?


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