Anthony Trollope – Can You Forgive Her?

Anthony Trollope – Can You Forgive Her?

Score: 6.5/10


There was a time in my life, when I wasn’t this cheerful merry well-balanced person, you know me as.

“What, WHAT?!” you go once again (am I still able to surprise you this easily?!).

I was a wretched man thinking that love is a sorrow and the worse the relationship goes, more worthy it becomes to fight for it.

Not going to be as indiscreet as to provide details (you will guess something quite close to, but certainly not perfectly matching, the truth anyway), but, at that time, I felt like there was a reason certain woman should ask for my forgiveness.

Naturally, I ended up seeing and seizing this book.

Was it the same case as mine? Not really.

Did it help? Neither.

Did I, at least (“why else do you even write about it?!”) enjoy it?

Immensely. Certain books make people read, and even enjoy more, other ones. This was my first one from that environment of noble men riding carriages and courting beautiful well mannered ladies, and of that soft-spoken (written) English of times long ago past… And although it’s a blasphemy to put it in the same shelf as Dracula, The Count of Monte Cristo, King Solomon’s Mines, (even) Robinson Crusoe, you shall see me do that (eventually even literally).

This is, “incidentally”, the first book which addressed me with the “Dear reader you shall…”and I shall be ever grateful for that.

And let me say this. #wordsofwisdomabouttobespoken If we think that we have come a long way in understanding the world around us, when reading these old gentlemen, I can’t suppress the feeling that we have been digging the wrong hole all the time. (Maybe I’m just reading wrong books, if so, please do advise some…) Their understanding of human motivations and actions is something else… I guess it’s attributable to their motivations for analyzing them not being profit, but sheer interest.

And to answer your question, you might mistakenly consider as interchangeable with ”are you a good person?”, I couldn’t…

Favourite line:

“I like to have a plan,” said Mr. Palliser. “And so do I,” said his wife,–“if only for the sake of not keeping it.”

(Yep, even funny…)

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