Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo

Score: 10/10

(Yeah, don’t do that! (Don’t read him like that!) It’s kind of funny, I’ll admit that, but it’s inappropriate towards such an artist as this one!)

And I know I’m risking to be accused of being too generous, but this one is for REAL!

Also, it is this book that gave me the reason to try to focus on the bright side and to try feed you with as many 10s (and similars) as possible. Count, when not being count yet, was told (probably by the smartest person in the history of the literature) that it’s some 150 books you need to read to obtain all the knowledge you shall ever need. And that’s not a lot. And it, also, looks like way too much of an exact number for something that hard to determine, but I dare say this, If those books were as smart (and loooong, let’s be honest) as this one, you wouldn’t even need that much.

Think of anything you would like to know more about in your life and I’m willing to bet a fortune, you shall find a valuable advice on it in here. (I feel like adding “something like reading Mirko”, but that would be too much and this review should be approached with all the respect in the world, and that is what it shall get!).

Friend of mine dubbed it “the ultimate revenge book”, which it undoubtedly is, but it’s more than that, much more, in fact.

You have some eye reading in it. Think about it. ‘Nay try it.

You have some Quakers in it. (Let me google/wiki it for you – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quakers) (Pretty powerful, isn’t it?)

You have some deeply misanthropic thoughts in it too, but strangely enough, always balanced by the reminders of goodness in count’s poor yet magnificent soul, who suffered too greatly, not to NOT develop these…

You shall find some… well, anything, really…

What I like the a LOT about the book is that Dumas is talking directly to you. (I just love this trait of the good old days!) You get to feel like you are the guest of the noblest parties, most extraordinary venues, incredible situations and the most gorgeous places. ((And why not even?) Accompanied by the most beautiful women.) And you deserve to be treated like that, you deserve to visit the most beautiful ball in the history of Paris in your slippers, sweatpants and hoody. You deserve to drink that super-expansive red wine of theirs out of the most precious crystal glass, while you drink the white one of the mug (which is bigger and you don’t feel like refilling during such a wonderful book, naturally.).

Also, if you happen to be a stingy one, just imagine how many hours of fun you shall get for EUR 32 (that’s how much was mine). You get to pay like 2 cents for an hour. And you still go to the cinema? For a shame!

And you know how some good books make you want to learn more about certain phenomena? Cagliostro and Saint Germain and even the aforementioned Quakers got to my list thanks to Dumas. (I know it’s borderline spiritual-weird and might look as a straight up contradiction with my 150 well-chosen books from the beginning, but you know I like to horse around…I’m not going to have that taken away from me…)

Also, Excuse me, but I plan to dog-ear the very shite out of this one, cause it’s that full of wisdom. That’s going to take a while though…

Favorite quote:

“Oh, man!” murmured d’Avrigny, “the most selfish of all animals, the most personal of all creatures, who believes the earth turns, the sun shines, and death strikes for him alone,—an ant cursing God from the top of a blade of grass!…”

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