Aldous Huxley – The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell

Aldous Huxley – The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell

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Let me blow your mind! 

(Now, you need to sing it very same cheerful way Gwen Stefani used to, in that wonderful, COMPLETELY UNRELATED, song I hope you have playing in your head now.)

And why not?

Why not combine those two books, since they elaborating on the same topic. 

And why not combine that with this song? 

I will tell you why not! Because it’s a EFFFIN’ disgrace! THAT’S WHY!



Aldous Huxley will take you places no one ever did, the way no one ever could. 

This particular book (my version has included both of them, so when I say “book” I mean both) is taking you on a trip.


Huxley took part of an experiment where he describes his feeling while being high on a mescaline.

Kind of a cheap shot to get paid for getting high and then getting paid for selling books about it, isn’t it?

It is. But, I promise, you won’t regret a penny you will contribute to this good cause. No, I’m not being ironical. I’m afraid Huxley wasn’t capable of doing anything just for the fun of it. (I would actually feel extremely happy to learn that my accusation was wrong.) He’s going to provide you with the deep dive on all the symbols(Pff, symbols-shmymbols as you shall learn), acts, routines in both religion and art influenced by or resembling to being high. 

He’s going to take you through the high and lows and he will tell you what can you achieve by getting out of your comfort zone and examining “Australias” of your mind. 



Take off your jacket and calm down now! 

Before you go hit the streets to find your local dealer, go to your favourite bookstore and buy this bad boy! (According to Huxley(and some much more experienced folks in Himalaya)  this should be a guided experience. You can’t do much better than getting good old Aldous as your guide!)

Ever wondered why it is that basically all the religions are using the same symbols and preach suspiciously similar things when considering how far from each other they have been developed (i.e. word-of-moth transfer seems close to impossible)? This book might help you to understand this riddle tiny bit better. (That doesn’t mean that it’s fake, read on… 

(Favourite lines:)

…“A similar conclusion will be reached by those whose philosophy is unduly ‘spiritual’. God, they will insist, is a spirit and is to be worshipped in spirit. Therefore an experience which is chemically conditioned cannot be an experience of the divine. But, in one way or another, all our experiences are chemically conditioned, and if we imagine that some of them are purely ‘spiritual’, purely ‘intellectual’, purely ‘aesthetic’, it is merely because we have never troubled to investigate the internal chemical environment at the moment of their occurrence. Furthermore, it is a matter of historical record that most contemplatives worked systematically to modify their body chemistry, with a view to creating the internal conditions favourable to spiritual insight. When they were not starving themselves into low blood sugar and a vitamin deficiency, or beating themselves into intoxication by histamine, adrenalin, and decomposed protein, they were cultivating insomnia and praying for long periods in uncomfortable positions, in order to create the psycho-physical symptoms of stress. In the intervals they sang interminable psalms, thus increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the lungs and the blood-stream, or, if they were Orientals, they did breathing exercises to accomplish the same purpose. To-day we know how to lower the efficiency of the cerebral reducing valve by direct chemical 121 action, and without die risk of inflicting serious damage on the psycho-physical organism. For an aspiring mystic to revert, in the present state of knowledge, to prolonged fasting and violent self-flagellation would be as senseless as it would be for an aspiring cook to behave like Charles Lamb’s Chinaman, who burned down the house in order to roast a pig. Knowing as he does (or at least as he can know, if he so desires) what are the chemical conditions of transcendental experience, the aspiring mystic should turn for technical help to the specialists – in pharmacology, in biochemistry, in physiology and neurology, in psychology and psychiatry and parapsychology. And on their part, of course, the specialists (if any of them aspire to be genuine men of science and complete human beings) should turn, out of their respective pigeon-holes, to the artist, the sibyl, the visionary, the mystic – all those, in a word, who have had experience of the Other World and who know, in their different ways, what to do with that experience.”


And of course the best definition of a human beings I’ve encountered (cheating badly in here as this one is actually from his essay “Drugs That Shapes Men’s Minds”, but it was in the book, so am I really?):


“Human beings are immensely complicated creatures, living simultaneously in a half dozen different worlds. Each individual is unique and, in a number of respects, unlike all the other members of the species. None of our motives is unmixed, none of our actions can be traced back to a single source and, in any group we care to study, behavior patterns that are observably similar may be the result of many constellations of dissimilar causes.”


AND Yes you have a sharp eye noticing that sticker in the corner. Let’s not call it a stamp of approval as yet, but book that is wearing that sticker certainly has to be special! 

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