John Gray – Mars and Venus in the Bedroom: A Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion

John Gray – Mars and Venus in the Bedroom: A Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion

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Easy on this one! 

50 mil. copies sold. That is Puzo, Lewis, Gladwell and Bryson combined, or one third of Coelho might be a bit more appropriate (see chart below). I know sales isn’t everything, but there is a reason he is being so sought after – unhappy marriages.

He sure made business out of them, but he also, I believe, genuinely (and to certain extent successfully) tries to help them(us). He’s been married twice and it was his first divorce that made him change his ways and made him try some more. And I just love people going all “Well he never took Jeanine to the business trip…” when someone tries harder in his second attempt for happiness. (Is he expected to do the same mistakes out of respect for his first marriage?!!!)

And he elaborates on differences between men and women and thus is naturally not that much liked in his own country (U.S.A), which is massively (I mean MASSIVELY) compensated in more old-school part of the world. And I’m not going to say that country with 3rd highest divorce rate in the world obviously doesn’t need a help with relationships and I’m most certainly not going to say that Sudan found the answers, but I do believe that effort matters. That being said, I will just wash my hands and share a chart displaying interest for John Gray’s books in different regions. 


I will also say that his daughter is continuing in his footsteps, promoting both his books and seminars and what else can they sell…And it sure is a good business, but happy kid usually being a proof of good marriage, certainly acts in favor of accused in here.


Mars and Venus in the Bedroom: A Guide to Lasting Romance and Passion

Let‘s be honest!

You have never been sexier!

Those blue eyes, athletic but not too athletic (why does he works out so much? Does he not have a life?) body, good father, married (hence there is an evidence about you being desirable and) walking forbidden fruit.

There will always be a girl who would jump on it. 

I mean

But why would you do that?

(Yes, I’m talking to myself.)

Gentlemen we might have stumbled (accidently too, it must be said) upon one of those rare life hacks.

Reason why would you do that is that that thrill that was in your relationship for first 5 years (ha-ha) is slowly starting to evaporate. (ha-ha!!!)! (HA-HA!)

Now seriously (too funny above, aren’t I?), reason why would you do that is that you know that elsewhere you are not going to be rejected and you WILL be rejected at home. That’s given.

You have kid to take care of, you have a household to clean, dishes to load/unload and yeah, almost forgot, bills to pay. The only thing you don’t have is time. And that is of an essence (no shit!) here.

Presumably, women don’t find quickies as sufficient and fulfilling as we do. (bitches be cray, that we knew for a long time, but this is a bummer anyways.) 

Presumably, we (men, ancestors of Zeus, undisputed kind which has been bringing food to the table and wood in the fire for AGES and no one thanks us, not enough anyway) know that.

Presumably, even if your wife is stupid enough (I’m jealous if she is) to “put out”(C.L.A.S.S.Y!)  anytime you want, you know that she isn’t fulfilled and you feel bad for that, because…

Presumably, we enjoy sex only that much as our female counterparties are, as we are wired to deliver results (damn right we are!!!).

So if she does, you should be mad at her (is my, hopefully correct, understanding), because she should tell you that she wants something more. Else her silent rejections are sending you DIRECTLY into an embrace of another. And you don’t want that. That guilty conscience is not worth it. You have a lawn to mown, and you don’t want to feel guilty when asking for another brewsky when doing it. Na’ah!

And, presumably, there are women who are not willing to put up for a quickie anytime man wants!!! (Imagine that!) 

This book seems to be explaining this disbalance and provides a couple of ideas how to cope with that. Here’s to yours! Enjoy your brewskies served cold and unspoiled by guilty conscience.

I’m out. (Might go try to beg for a quickie;)) (Ahem, sorry, I meant insist on it in a manly fashion!)

Now this is a sexist article…

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