Mirko Gustic’s suggestions (Huxley, Haig, Berne, Gray are to be blamed)

Mirko Gustic’s suggestions (Huxley, Haig, Berne, Gray are to be blamed) August 19, 2019

You thought I was done? So did I. But, I’ve learned something, which helped me and perhaps it could help you too-> You are not going to change your life drastically (as you always think you will, when reading Coelho), but good news is that you don’t even have to. It really is just a couple of small things, different perceptions, knowing tiny bit more about yourself in certain situations that can turn your life into a happy one. Below…

Kobe Bryant – The Mamba Mentality: How I Play

Kobe Bryant – The Mamba Mentality: How I Play January 2, 2019

Score: 7/10 Let’s be honest Kobe is better than you! And also, Kobe wants you to know it. So he decided to write this book. (My wild guess would be that this idea was initiated by the photographer, but the reason why Kobe said his “Yes!” was this.) And this approach would essentially be the very opposite of the Mamba mentality Kobe is preaching. It would be that wandering unfocused mind trying to diminish accomplishments of those who’ve found their…

Go Surfing!

Go Surfing! November 30, 2018

Go Surfing! (Score: 10/10 since you insist.) “Original! Straight up! Never did I hear this!” (“This” will be You once again.) I don’t mean it as an order, but as a chant for surfing. “Well, ok…I mean still, but ok…” But you do realize that you can reject that straw when buying your Latte, right? “YAAAWN…” Will you give me a chance at least? “King Mirko has juuuust returned from his holiday and now he is going to get all…

Aunty Donna

Aunty Donna November 29, 2018

Aunty Donna (http://www.facebook.com/TheAuntyDonna) Score: 10/10 Not freaking Aunty Donna! Not on my watch! Few days ago, I have seen one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen – Aunty Donna’s Social Websites IRL. And it could be just me overreacting, but I don’t see this getting any worse. (I have seen that video with Orangutan fighting the bulldozer, I have seen even MJ’s Heal The World video, but those are supposed to be sad, so they don’t catch you this…

Finding Dory

Finding Dory November 29, 2018

Score:10/10 10/10 being also a percentage of my waking (when not working) hours watching this movie. I have a good reason to believe that I have seen it more times than most of the editing crew by now and that is not meant as a knock on the editing crew – Au countraire! … (#letsTalkAboutGoodParentingAgain#wantToSeeYouTryingToStopHer) At any rate, I believe I have become somewhat of an expert in here, and that entitles, if not obliges, me to talk to you……

Erasmus – Praise of Folly Feat. Ska-P

Erasmus – Praise of Folly Feat. Ska-P November 27, 2018

Score: 10/10 Erasmus was, obviously, a heavy metal punker taken to extreme! That we know… …or do we? You might have spent a semester abroad in the name of this good GOOOOOOD man, but do you even know who he was? Ah, you don’t. Never mind! Just listen to this song (help yourself out with this and come back to educate yourself a tiny bit more. Back already? Ah, I hoped you will listen also some other of their songs and maybe…

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