John Gray – Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

John Gray – Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus August 16, 2019

Score: 8/10  “But why would a PEFEECT gentleman like you Mirko need a help with his relationship?! I don’t get it…” Is what you might (‘nay SHOULD) be thinking.  “I mean…” Mirko avoiding your eyes, all of a sudden acting really weirdly….   To the book…   How was it? People who have something to say, are often those who can’t find the right words for it, while those who have nothing to say are extremely equipped this way? (I’m…

Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrimage

Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrimage September 26, 2018

Score: 8.5/10 Yes! Finally! We have been fighting (like a real deal fist fight) with dogs, evoking our personal devils and doing many other crazy things, and yet, it’s a must read (almost). This is Paolo at his earnest. I understand it’s his first one and that is, I assume, the reason it is so pure and innocent. I mean, there is still plenty of the ego, and it being yet another autobiographical piece, makes it still too Coelhish, but…

Michael Lewis – Liar’s Poker

Michael Lewis – Liar’s Poker September 6, 2018

Score: 8/10 Why would you have to? You know you can pursue a happy live while being oblivious to financial markets, right? Ok, ok, it’s your life (time). If you really have to, read Michael Lewis. And let me start with a uselessly long and not-too-exciting story. I’m just freshly graduated (University of Economics) and I get the chance to work for a company servicing hedge funds, which is a term I heard approx. trice in my previous life, but…

Daniel Defoe – Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe – Robinson Crusoe August 17, 2018

Score: 8/10 Mirko is taking care of you both on- and off-shore and this one is a stellar example of that. You know the story, I’m sure, and chances are that you, somehow, feel like you have read this one. You ought to have, right? NO! You just know the story and do you know why you know it although it’s 299 years old (should have wait that year, shouldn’t I?)? Because it’s really that good! This is a good…

Sir H. Rider Haggard – King Solomon’s Mines

Sir H. Rider Haggard – King Solomon’s Mines August 17, 2018

Score: 8/10 That’s a lot, I know. But sometimes, you just feel like reading a story. A story which takes you to a completely different place and I don’t mean in geographically (although that too). You feel very young reading it and you want to return to its reading anytime you do something else. It’s better than watching both Indiana Jones movies and Relic Hunter TV series (simultaneously even), it’s much better than playing Tomb Rider (any musical instrument, for…

Dan Brown – Origin

Dan Brown – Origin March 20, 2014

Score: 8/10 Don’t get me wrong, Dan Brown is a cheap bastard. And it wasn’t only the CAPS LOCK thingy which got me go all “SERIOUSLY?!” on him, BUT: -He did suck me in (as he always does) -I really really REALLY want to visit Barcelona now (as I always do (want to visit the city where his story unfolds)) -He got me thinking about and appreciate things I otherwise wouldn’t -I owe him (big chunk of) my faith (as…

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