Paulo Coelho – The Zahir

Paulo Coelho – The Zahir November 16, 2018

Score: 5/10 My wife is always right. As they all are… …would be, I’m sure, a very polarising beginning of a review which is aimed to connect, so I will start a little differently. (I’m sure though, I would get some “Totally know what you are talking about…” Just sayin’…) She (my wife) said: “I think he is writing his books only to seduce as many women as possible…” And she (still my wife) is absolutely right and he (Pablo)…

Paulo Coelho – Manuscript Found in Accra

Paulo Coelho – Manuscript Found in Accra September 6, 2018

Score: 5/10 “Why do you read him if you have no love for him then?” (You) Right? I have, obviously, a ton of love for him, because when I saw that my local bookshop has 3 titles of his, I haven’t read, I hesitated precisely 0.87 seconds to buy all three of them. My eyes shone like those of a little kid seeing a toy and I couldn’t wait to go home and finally open the book. Particularly this one….

Paulo Coelho – Adultery

Paulo Coelho – Adultery September 4, 2018

Score: 5/10 (Not surprisingly) I get a lot of complaints… Repetitively, people ask for more porn in my coverage and I could rule these out saying “I don’t read that much of a porn”, but this kind of attitude will get us nowhere. Plus, I think you guys are onto something… As many of a porns, I’m certain you have been, I’m sure, forced to watch/read, also this one starts with a bored woman. (“You sexist jerk!” I can see…

David Shields & Shane Salerno – Salinger

David Shields & Shane Salerno – Salinger August 17, 2018

Score: 5/10 The Catcher in the Rye is my 2nd favorite book and so it might look natural to review that one, but NOPE. Ain’t happening. You should have had read it already and that more than once. If you haven’t, go do it now, this can wait. Still here? Ok. First of all, I have learned that there is a movie, which might serve the same purpose, only too late and this is your chance to take the shortcut….

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