Eva Dusickova – Chalan, ktory vynasiel Spirita (The Guy Who Has Invented The Spirit)

Eva Dusickova – Chalan, ktory vynasiel Spirita (The Guy Who Has Invented The Spirit) January 3, 2019

Score: 3/10 Why would I waste your time with this low of a score? (All of a sudden ha? Did you mind in case of The Art of War? You haven’t, so I would ask you, all of you, to keep silence in the courtroom.) The book is exactly what would you expect a book written by a mom about her beloved (there is no doubt in that) son. And that is how it’s supposed to be! So again, why…

Bill Bryson – Notes from a Small Island

Bill Bryson – Notes from a Small Island December 5, 2018

Score: 7/10 I needed to keep forcing myself into reading it. No joke, but I did so with great pleasure, since as there is sun above the clouds, there is a LAUGHTER in each 5 pages you are going to read. And you ARE going to read it! As we all know, there is absolutely no glimpse of a doubt about Bill Bryson being THE funniest man alive. He is out to get you. I mean, you know that he…

Erasmus – Praise of Folly

Erasmus – Praise of Folly November 23, 2018

Score: 10/10 Erasmus was, obviously, a heavy metal punker taken to extreme! That we know… …or do we? You might have spent a semester abroad in the name of this good GOOOOOOD man, but do you even know who he was? Ah, you don’t. Never mind! Just listen to this song (help yourself out with this and come back to educate yourself a tiny bit more. Back already? Ah, I hoped you will listen also some other of their songs and maybe…

Paulo Coelho – The Zahir

Paulo Coelho – The Zahir November 16, 2018

Score: 5/10 My wife is always right. As they all are… …would be, I’m sure, a very polarising beginning of a review which is aimed to connect, so I will start a little differently. (I’m sure though, I would get some “Totally know what you are talking about…” Just sayin’…) She (my wife) said: “I think he is writing his books only to seduce as many women as possible…” And she (still my wife) is absolutely right and he (Pablo)…

Paulo Coelho – The Witch of Portobello

Paulo Coelho – The Witch of Portobello October 29, 2018

Score: 7/10 Well, obviously! Having old phone makes you read more, as you don’t spend your evenings watching Youtube videos of Best Forgotten NBA plays episode 7, but you read. So yeah that’s why is my old mobile hugging the book as if they have the most intimate relationship. Because they do!  That’s why! (And you are damn right if you think I will keep this old phone for a while as it is my turn now to play with…

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