Mario Puzo – Fools Die

Mario Puzo – Fools Die October 18, 2018

Score: 9/10 What?! I’ve told you Puzo is an automatic 8 and this is one is one of his better ones. And I’m sorry for pressing “play” to The Godfather’s theme song in your head, but I will need to turn it off. Not too sorry though, as although vast majority deems Puzo as mobsters-related-books writer, his other books are just as good, if not better. I know we all often read to run away from the normalities of our everyday’s…

Bram Stoker – Dracula

Bram Stoker – Dracula September 27, 2018

Score: 9/10 I DON’T CARE! That presumably: …he has never visited Romania. …he was “just” a mad Irishman. (Quoting Paulo Coelho’s The Which of Portobello in here.) …he described (us) Slovaks to be the strangest figures of this region, being “more barbarian than the rest…yet very harmless and rather wanting in natural self-assertion.” (I don’t get too offended by this, at the end of the day, I really am rather wanting in natural self-assertion.) …he has put Transylvania’s reputation to…

Marek Herman – (Find your own Martian!) Najdete si sveho martana!

Marek Herman – (Find your own Martian!) Najdete si sveho martana! September 26, 2018

Score: 9/10 “How are we supposed to get this one now?” I see you constant-complainers going at me again. I do realize that it is available only in Czech and if my decision to write my reviews in English has been a questionable one, now it doesn’t make sense at all, and yet… This is not me not caring about you though, this is me wanting you to finally do something. I want you to raise your voice and scream…

Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrimage

Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrimage September 26, 2018

Score: 8.5/10 Yes! Finally! We have been fighting (like a real deal fist fight) with dogs, evoking our personal devils and doing many other crazy things, and yet, it’s a must read (almost). This is Paolo at his earnest. I understand it’s his first one and that is, I assume, the reason it is so pure and innocent. I mean, there is still plenty of the ego, and it being yet another autobiographical piece, makes it still too Coelhish, but…

Mario Puzo – The Family

Mario Puzo – The Family September 21, 2018

Score: 7/10 I can’t blame you for singing “we are family, I got all my sisters with me…”now. As a matter of fact, I’m doing it too. BUT, oh boy, once you read this one you won’t be singing it so carelessly anymore. Guaranteed. Let me take you back to the Italy of greatest minds in the history. We shall meet with Michelangelo, Machiavelli and many many more and it’s hard to argue, that this was somewhat of an intellectual…

Tom Fox – Dominus

Tom Fox – Dominus September 6, 2018

Score: 2/10 I want to tell you a story. That is why we just HAVE to go through this. So, after approximately a million years, we (me and my wife) go for a drink (a beer really, but I don’t want to spoil the fancy atmosphere I was able to build as yet) and we have amazing time. We talk our dreams and what we would be really doing if we had that magic stick, we (most of us) have…

Michael Lewis – Liar’s Poker

Michael Lewis – Liar’s Poker September 6, 2018

Score: 8/10 Why would you have to? You know you can pursue a happy live while being oblivious to financial markets, right? Ok, ok, it’s your life (time). If you really have to, read Michael Lewis. And let me start with a uselessly long and not-too-exciting story. I’m just freshly graduated (University of Economics) and I get the chance to work for a company servicing hedge funds, which is a term I heard approx. trice in my previous life, but…

Joseph Heller – Catch 22

Joseph Heller – Catch 22 September 6, 2018

Score: 22/10 Nope, that’s not mistake, typo nor a fat finger. It’s no coincidence that it’s my 22nd review, except that it isn’t. (The good old “It just all happened too fast I guess…” seems to come handy also in this case). And I’m already walking on an extremely thin ice in here as I can only spoil this. In this case I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to add but JUST READ IT! THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I’VE READ and…

Paulo Coelho – Like the Flowing River

Paulo Coelho – Like the Flowing River September 6, 2018

Score: 6.5/10 And let me start with this-> I’m an idiot. I should have read the backside of the book and I wouldn’t get this negative surprise. But, as it often happens, this negative surprise turned out to be an advantage. So here I go giving almost perfect score to this piece (kind of reluctant to call it a book). So what does this piece do? (Assuming you would be very childishly (and cutely too) asking “what does it (Like…

Paulo Coelho – Manuscript Found in Accra

Paulo Coelho – Manuscript Found in Accra September 6, 2018

Score: 5/10 “Why do you read him if you have no love for him then?” (You) Right? I have, obviously, a ton of love for him, because when I saw that my local bookshop has 3 titles of his, I haven’t read, I hesitated precisely 0.87 seconds to buy all three of them. My eyes shone like those of a little kid seeing a toy and I couldn’t wait to go home and finally open the book. Particularly this one….

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